Frequently asked questions

How and when do I wash my fabric mask?

You should wash your fabric face mask immediately after each use. To keep ties from tangling in the wash, place in a mesh laundry bag (or a sock or nylon stocking). Use warm or cold water and your usual laundry detergent. It is not necessary to use extreme heat when washing or drying. DRYING: For best results, smooth the mask flat and air dry to avoid wrinkles.

How many face masks should I have?

Each member of your household should have at least two face masks. If one is in the laundry, you'll still have a clean one to use. More masks may be necessary for a person who must be in public more often.

What size mask should I have for a child?

Children aged 5 to about 10 years old should have a mask that is about half to two-thirds the size of an adult mask. Very young children may need an even smaller mask. Masks are not recommended for children under two years of age.

Elastic loops or fabric ties?

Our masks now come with soft rolled elastic ear loops with silicone size adjustment beads. They fit all adult sizes. Fabric ties go completely around the back of the head. People who wear masks all day or have very sensitive skin may prefer ties rather than elastic ear loops. Our generous 18" soft fabric ties also fit all sizes. The ends are finished with Fray Check to prevent them from unraveling.

Why cotton instead of other fabrics?

Cotton is breathable and maintains its shape. Other fabrics may be uncomfortably warm, stretch out of shape or not stretch enough. The third layer of synthetic fabric is recommended by the CDC.

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