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Adhesive face mask for hair stylists and barbers

Here's how to make an adhesive face mask for hair stylists and barbers, as well as others who perform personal services where ties or ear loops would get in the way. Thanks to my friend and hair stylist, Tracy, who brought this need to my attention. After a little shopping for parts, I created one! All you need to make them are disposable face masks, scissors, and double-sided tape.

The good news is that disposable face masks are readily available now. Double-sided tape can be purchased from craft stores and office supply stores.

On a disposable mask, cut off the elastic ear loops. Save them to give to someone who makes face masks! These disposable masks come with a piece of wire in the upper edge. Open out the folds of the mask, then bend the nose wire into a peak to fit over the nose.

On the inside, stick pieces of double-sided tape on each side edge across the folds and another piece across the bottom so the mask will stick on just under the chin.

The mask will stick on long enough for a haircut or other personal services.

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