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how to make your face mask fit

How can you make your face mask fit so it doesn't keep falling down your nose? Mostly when I see face masks under someone's nose, it's because the mask is too big. It just isn't snug enough to keep from falling down. And isn't that annoying to have to pull your mask back up over your nose every couple of minutes?

Here are a couple of easy things to do to tighten up that mask. 1. The easiest thing is to pull a loop in the elastic and tie it in a knot. You can do it on both sides or maybe just one side. You can tell quickly when it's too tight and when it's just right. 2. Take a jumbo paper clip, straighten it out, bend a hook on each end. Grab the elastic ear loop from each side at the back of your head. (Or you can use any bendable wire you have.) 3. Make a chain of small paper clips; add more or fewer links as needed. Hook it to each of the elastic ear loops and pull it snug across the back of your head.

Last week I saw a woman wearing her mask like a mustache--pulled tight between her nose and mouth. There's just no help for that.

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